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67P1618E-3.8 (AMICC)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «67P1618E-3.8» (2 Mb), manufacturer AMICC. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet 67P1618E-3.8 manufacturer AMICC
Description2M X 18, 1M X 36 LVTTL, Pipelined ZeBLTM SRAMThe AMIC Zero Bus Latency (ZeBLTM) SRAM familyemploys high-speed, low-power CMOS designs using anadvanced CMOS process.The A67P1618, A67P0636 SRAMs integrateA 2M X 18, 1MX 36 SRAM core with advanced synchronous peripheralcircuitry andA 2-bit burst counter. These SRAMs areoptimized for 100 percent bus utilization without theinsertion of any wait cycles during Write-Read alternation.The positive edge triggered single clock input (CLK) controlsall synchronous inpu
Functional2 Mb
ManufacturerAMIC TechnologyAMICC
SizePages: 18, 256.46Kb
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