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HMC565 (Hittite)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «HMC565» (LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers)), manufacturer Hittite. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet HMC565 manufacturer Hittite
DescriptionGeneral DescriptionFeaturesFunctional DiagramThe HMC565 isA high dynamic range GaAs PHEMTMMIC Low Noise Amplifi er (LNA) chip which operatesfrom 6 to 20 GHz. The HMC565 features 22 dB of smallsignal gain, 2.3 dB of noise fi gure and hasA consistentIP3 of 20 dBm across the operating band. This selfbiasedLNA is ideal for hybrid and MCM assembliesdue to its compact size, widband performance, single+3V supply operation, and DC blocked RF I/O’s.All data is measured with the chip inA 50 Ohm testfi xture connec
FunctionalLNA (Low Noise Amplifiers)
ManufacturerHittite Microwave CorporationHittite
SizePages: 6, 313.57Kb
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