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HMC-C004 (Hittite)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «HMC-C004» (Distributed Amplifiers), manufacturer Hittite. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet HMC-C004 manufacturer Hittite
Description10 MHz - 20 GHz, 16dB Gain, +23dBm P1dB, 3dB NFThe HMC-C004 isA GaAs MMIC PHEMTDistributed Driver Amplifi er inA miniature,hermetic module with replaceable SMA connectorswhich operates between 10 MHz and 20GHz. The self-biased amplifi er provides 15 dBof gain, 3 to 4 dB noise fi gure and +24 dBm ofsaturated output power while requiringA single+12V supply. Gain fl atness is excellent at ± 0.5dB as well as ± 2 deg deviation from linear phasefrom 0.01 to 10 GHz making the HMC-C004ideal for OC192 fi ber opti
FunctionalDistributed Amplifiers
ManufacturerHittite Microwave CorporationHittite
SizePages: 6, 414.51Kb
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