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L5973D013TR (STMicroelectronics)

Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «L5973D013TR» (Voltage Detectors), manufacturer STMicroelectronics. Download datasheet file:

Datasheet L5973D013TR manufacturer STMicroelectronics
DescriptionUp To 2.5A Step Down Switching RegulatorThe L5973D isA step down monolithic power switchingregulator withA minimum switch current limit of2.5A so it is able to deliver more than 2A DC currentto the load depending on the application conditions.The output voltage can be set from 1.235V to 35V.The high current level is also achieved thanks to anSO8 package with exposed frame, that allows to reducethe Rth(j-amb) down to approximately 40ЎЖC/WThe device uses an internal P-Channel D-MOS transistor(withA typical
FunctionalVoltage Detectors
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